Spring-Cleaning: Tips to Get Your Living Room Sparkling Clean

spring cleaning living room

When spring arrives, and the weather starts to warm up is a great moment to tackle something that is often on many people’s list – spring cleaning. This year we decided it’s time to do it in a more structured way and create a list of things that need to be done in each room. This way it can be done efficiently, and you won’t forget any points and regret you didn’t do them once the motivation wears off.

Throw the windows open, print out this list and get dirt, dust and toxins out of your home.

Let’s start with a list of tips to get your Living Room sparkling Clean:

    1. Open windows for ventilation.
    2. Pick up all items from the floors and move them to the appropriate places.
    3. Starting with the highest point, like door frames and window frames, dust all furniture from the top down. There are many options you can use for dusting, but we like microfiber cloths as they are easy to clean and reuse. Remember to dust lamps/lamp shades and fan blades as you go. A hydrogen peroxide spray works well to clean white lampshades.
    1. Spot-clean any spots on furniture using an all-purpose cleaner or a specialized cleaner.
    2. Wash throw blankets and throw pillows if needed. If applicable to your dining area, wash your seat cushions.
    3. Wash windows and windowsills with a microfiber cloth and a 50/50 vinegar to water solution. Dry with a dry microfiber cloth.
    4. Remove blinds and wash with the vinegar solution in a tub.
    5. Wipe down electronics. Follow the manufacturer instructions on how to do it if you have any delicate ones but usually wiping them down with microfiber cloth and water is enough.
    6. Use a damp cloth and an all-purpose or enzyme cleaner to wipe down the walls and switches.
    7. Wipe down doors and door handles. Use an all-purpose cleaner or an enzyme cleaner if there are stains.
    8. Hover the sofa and any other seating area you have in your living room.
    9. Hoover the carpets, if you have any, very well. Spot-clean any stains that might be left on the carpets afterwards. Make sure you use a new hoover bag (if applicable) so that your machine performs at its best.
  1. Mop the floors with clean water and vinegar, an all-purpose cleaner or black household soap solution to get rid of any stubborn stains.

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